It's doesn't matter how much we make, but how much we make a difference!    
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    Capt "B" and his first mate Stevie Bird       Stevie Bird and "B" at one of their shows    Stevie Bird chillin at the hood

Into every life, there are people and animals that make a difference in how we see life. The antics of Stevie Bird entertain and amuse me daily. I have been blessed to share my life with this incredible bird. I never knew birds were so SMART and FUNNY until I met Stevie Bird.

     Selling books at a school reunion                         A reading at an assisted living facility

  ZZ Top said it best when they      Buy a book and help me out!          One time, at band camp.....
 sang about Cheap Sunglasses!
 I got it goin on.....

"B" and    Jason Elkin
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