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Stevie Bird & "B" laughing

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The G-Man Strut

Dear Larry,

Here is the report written about your performance at North Bay Children’s Center (sorry for the delay). Thanks so much for bringing your talents to our audiences and for supporting Bread & Roses. We truly appreciate your gifts and you definitely make a difference! Have a wonderful new year!



Larry Bertram and Stevie Bird *

Facility: North Bay Children's Center

Date: 9/13/13 Host: Bob Butler

Essence Story by Bob Butler:

It's hard to resist falling in love with Stevie Bird, that bright and social umbrella cockatoo that accompanies Larry Bertram (and allows him to be part of his act). And the pre-school aged children at North Bay Children's Center were immediately captivated by this engaging parrot. Larry introduced his companion and helped the children understand where this breed of parrot comes from, it's diet, habits and needs, and how to best to care for this most intelligent, sensitive and special creature. Over 50 kids sat with full attention as Stevie Bird climbed his ladder, foraged through his little "shopping cart," danced and performed his "aerobics." Larry read the story of Stevie Bird from his very own book, "Where Is Stevie Bird?" as the children watched it's lead character perch on Larry's shoulder to groom his beard. This was certainly the first time most of these children had seen, or been so close to such a charming creature, as Larry Bertram helped them learn the value and importance of endangered animals. I'm sure all the kids were eager to tell the story of Stevie Bird upon returning home, and will remember this day for a long time!

Lisa Starbird

Bread & Roses

Program Assistant

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