It's doesn't matter how much we make, but how much we make a difference!   
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Who is Larry "B"?

    Born in Louisville, KY, Larry "B" knows what it means to value God and family. At the age of 8, his Father (Earl Bertram, a police officer) was in a tragic accident while on duty. The result of the accident left two Ft Knox soldiers dead and Earl in a coma for nearly 5 years before passing on. 

    The book, "Officer of Love : Portrait of Earl Bertram", is a tribute to Earl and his many achievements in his 33 years before the accident. Larry "B" is an alumni of Fairdale HS in south Louisville, KY and of WKU in Bowling Green, KY. He credits his aches and pains of today from his years of High School football and then playing college rugby. 
    If you are looking for Spirit filled reading, I urge you to check out my last book, "Finding TRUE Value". It's a book that can be shared with those who straddle the fence or who want nothing to hear about God. It's sincere and simple message of hope will give a promise of peace and joy to those willing to hear. 

    My new book, "Pray Like you Mean It", will be available Dec 2018.
It's an anointed reading of scripture through prayer. When HE calls us to do something, it's best to follow HIS lead. 

    Life has many twists and turns. How we ride depends on how we speak and believe? If we speak with love and compassion, our life will enjoy the fruits of HIS grace and mercy. Try to look at everyone as a potential brother or sister, forever. 
WOW! Now that's a BIG FAMILY.




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